Meon Milton
Meon Milton
Youth Football Club

                     Welcome to a brief history of Meon Milton Youth Football Club Ltd. The Club was founded in the summer of 1986 with the help of a few local people who decided that there were very few openings in the Milton/Eastney area for the youngsters to play organised Football. A Committee was formed and an approach was made to the Community Centre who kindly offered to help the Club who then entered the Sunday Youth Football league in the Season of 1986-7 as Meon Milton Community Centre Football Club.

                   The Club moved on rapidly because of the hard work and enthusiasm of the early Committee and Members. In the year 2003 the Community Centre and the Club reorganised and the Club became Meon Milton Youth FC. The Club was still growing and with the introduction of Mini Soccer the Club went from 16 Teams to 29 teams in just two or three seasons. About this time Portsmouth RN and Meon Milton Youth FC decided to join together and started a partnership to run a Summer Football Tournament at HMS Temeraire. This was without question the best venue for a Tournament in the County; this also progressed rapidly until the time came when we were turning teams away.  Meon Milton is still running the Tournament at the new venue of Eastney Playing Fields to this day.

                      In the spring of 2010 a letter was received from the RN stating Eastney Barracks Playing Fields was surplus to requirements and will be shutting in a matter of Mouths. Over the next year Meon Milton Youth formed a partnership with Mayville High School and formed Cockleshell Community Sports Club. CCSC approached Portsmouth City Council who kindly purchased the Field and leased it to CCSC to administer for the Local Community on a 25 Year lease. During this year Meon Milton Youth FC was advised by the FA to reorganise and Meon Milton Youth FC Ltd was formed.  Since then the Club has now got a ground we can call home for all our fixtures, tournaments and Training.

                     On the Life Members page can be found just a few of the volunteers that took the Club over 29 years from humble beginnings to being one of the biggest Clubs in the County.  We have just mentioned a few and hope by making them Life Club member will show our appreciation. Over the years some people have gone beyond volunteering and put so much time and effort into the Club that nothing short of the title Life President is worthy.  These can be found on our Life Presidents page.